Using agility hurdles is a great way to improve your ball handling. A crossover dribble is great for creating space for your jump shot. Dribbling under an agility hurdle allows the shooter to get lower, quicker and become a better ball handler.

Dribble Drop Step Half Turn Jump Shot is a great compliment to the "Dribble Drop Step"to create space for your scoring opportunity

The strongside dive is one of the 4 ways to enter the post. In Strongside Dive Dropstep Seal, the post player simulates entering the post and using a dropstep to seal the defender behind him for an offensive opportunity.

This sideline sprint series has great progressions for shot repetitions, footwork and ball handling. When done at high intensity, it is also great for conditioning.

Every coach that I know wants his offense to be run in transition. Running 2-on-1, 3-on-2, 3-on-2/2-on-1, 3-on-2-continuous drills are common place. I ran them as well. However, they never served the function that I wanted them to. 3-on-3-on-3, along with its progressions, is a great tool for sharpening your transition game, half court offense and even your defense.

Working around obstacles is a challenging way to improve ball handling. Here, we mix agility hurdles ( to dribble under) and low cones to change speed and height of the dribble.

Often times, when recieving the ball, especially on the run, the game demands quick and positive action. Quick Dribble Change is a drill that works shooting, ball handling, conditioning and is directly relatable to game situations.

Down screens are an especially dangerous action for any offense. Properly timed and spaced, they create real problems for any defense.

It is important to create a philosophy and practice actions necessary to defend the down screen that fits with your overall defensive philosophy.

Corner Break Shots is a shooting drill that simulates running the break, receiving the ball and taking a shot from the corner