Full Court Transition Drill (Video)

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Running in transition creates a great advantage for the offense and also creates a problem when you don't get a quick shot. In this "Full Court Transition Drill," the objective is to flow right from your advantage break into your half court offense.

The drills sets up with the offense along the baseline and the defense, matching up with the offense, along the foul line  Full Court Transition Drill1

The drill can be moderated any way you like. The coach can call names, he can rotate players or he can combine with a name and the player opposite the ball.

The drill starts by the coach throwing the ball to an offensive player on the baseline.

 Full Court Transition Drill2

On the pass, the offense starts down the floor on their break.

Three defenders run back to defend the break.

The two players (somehow selected by the coach, in this case X2 and X4) run and touch the baseline.

 Full Court Transition Drill3

After touching the baseline X2 and X4 sprint up the court to join the defense.

The result is a 5 on 3 break that will turn into a 5 on 5 transition situation if the offense does not get an early attempt. The offense then must enter some type of transition offense.

A variation would be for only 1 defender to touch the baseline before coming back on defense. The resulting situation is a 4 on 1 break that becomes a 5 on 5 transition attempt.

 Full Court Transition Drill4
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