Brose Zone Offense (Video)

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This is a neat little zone action I picked up from one of the top teams in Germany.

It's simple, quick and will get a wide open shot on the weak side or allow you to get the ball into the post.

Notice how the defense is forced to match up on the strong side creating an overload on ball reversal with limited defensive options.

In the video, you will notice that the clip includes the offensive team coming down on the break and how easily it also serves as a transition offense

Spacing, as always, is important.

This is the intial set.

 Brose 001

1 intiates the play by passing to 2.

3 cuts from the weakside to the ballside corner.

Brose 002




1 follows his pass

2 dribbles at 1 and they make a handoff

Brose 003

On the handoff:

5 rolls away from the ball

4 rolls out and sets a screen for 1 on the base line side

2 rolls out to the weak side

If the 1/4 screen does not open up a driving lane, 1 passes to 3

Brose 004
After the 1/3 pass

1 cuts through to the weak side

4 pops up to the top

Brose 005

3 shortens the pass and passes to 4

5 searches the lane

4 reverses to 2

1 shortens the pass and 2 passes to

1 (these are all shot opportunities)

Brose 006

1 is open for his shot.

Notice on the video, that if 1 does not get his shot, how difficult it is to defend 5 in the lane

Brose 007



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