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Your team is facing a "junk defense." Not a bad defense but a "junk defense," a term usually attached to a non-traditional defense, such as the box and 1 or triangle and 2. How do you play against it?
Whether you are in a situation where you have a poor foul shooter on the line or you are in one of the "miss – rebound" situations to tie a game, your opportunity to score does not have to end with a missed foul shot.
The object of offense is to score. Every possession. Out-of-bounds plays present opportunities to score. To many times, we use O-O-Bs as an opportunity to just get the ball inbounds. It is not ofter that you start a possession so close to the basket. It is a great advantage. Use it. Here are 2 simple out of bounds plays from under the basket that can be used against all kinds of defenses.
Coaches are always looking for plays. I have a playbook with over 500 plays in it. Many, I have never run, others I have run with varying degrees of success. I go to a game and see a play I like I write it down. I go to a clinic and a speaker who draws a play I find interesting, I write it down. I speak to a coach who says, “This works for me,” I write it down. Here are a few things that I have learned while going through this process. First, coaches are infatuated with patterns. That…
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