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Down screens are an especially dangerous action for any offense. Properly timed and spaced, they create real problems for any defense. It is important to create a philosophy and practice actions necessary to defend the down screen that fits with your overall defensive philosophy.
Ball screens have progressed from the days when I was a kid ("Set a screen for me so I can get my shot") to an intricate action that can show up at any time in any offense. They are used as offensive entry actions, space creators and most importantly to control matchups. They have been part of basketball since Dr. Naismith hung his peach baskets in the Springfield, Ma. YMCA and invented the game. Since Michael Jordan changed the game to a "matchup and isolate" game, ball screens have become a bigger and bigger part of the game. If you…
This 2-2-1 zone press is an extension of the match-up zone. As we move up the floor with our defense, the basic match-up rules stay in force, they just move up the floor.
Want to become a better defensive team? Practice these fundamentals before you get to the court. If you want your players to understand what they are trying to accomplish and to work as a team, you have to lay out a plan. These are the things that I think are important and want all my players to know