Thursday, 18 September 2014 19:19

5 Man Weave - 3 on 2/2 on 1

Great for ball handling, decision making and conditioning, "5 Man Weave, 3 on 2, 2 on 1" is a great drill for all teams. Recognition of offensive options in various stages of the break will increase your effectiveness.

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Wednesday, 03 September 2014 16:58

Post Footwork Series - Dropstep (Video)

Working on post footwork close to the basket using drops steps with variations and counters.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 17:14

Drive Middle, EuroTurn, Jumpshot (Video)

"Drive Middle, EuroTurn, Jumpshot." When driving the middle, your defender will eventually have to get to your inside hip. When he does, use a front pivot to create space for your jump shot.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 17:07

Drop Step, Dribble, Layup (Video)

"Drop Step, Dribble, Layup." When you get the ball on the wing, use your body as a spacer. As your defender comes over the top to contest the pass, keep him there with your hip and drop step to leave him behind as you go to the basket.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 00:29

Catch, Rip, 1 Dribble Jump Shot (Video)

Acting with immediacy is essential for quality offense. In Catch, Rip, 1 Dribble Jump Shot, we make an immediate direction change upon the catch to create space for a jump shot.

Catch the ball on the run and, using your inside foot as your pivot foot, rip to the middle. One dribble gets you back to your shooting foot, clear your defender for the jump shot.

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Diagonal Dive Down is one of the four was to enter the post. Using a drop step to get postion locks out the defender.

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The season is over. You are already looking to next season. What should you do now?

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