Fast Break - Low Post Option (Video)

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Working on the fast break by using only the half court is a very efficient way to work. You can get a high number of intense repetitions and really get a good simulation for skill development. In Fast Break Low Post Option, we simulate a post player running the break, cutting to the low post, recieving the ball and executing an offensive move at the end of the break.

 With the ball in the right corner, simulating a pass up the right side of the floor on the break, we set up a marker, up the floor in the middle of the floor, and a marker on the left elbow (in the video you will see a cone on the right elbow as well. This is for working the left corner). The shooter starts on the right block. There is a passer in the right corner.  Fast Break Low Post1
 Shooter receives a pass on the block and makes a low post play (essentially this is to get a rep to start the drill).  Fast Break Low Post2
 After his shot, shoter rebounds the ball and pitches out to the passer  Fast Break Low Post3
After the pass, shooter sprints up the middle of the floor to the marker  Fast Break Low Post4
Upon reaching the marker, the shooter turns on the marker to the marker on the left elbow. He must pass outside the elbow marker. He then cuts, on the angle, simulation a trailer to low post cut, to the right block, receives his pass and makes a play.  Fast Break Low Post5
Don Kelbick

Coach Don Kelbick has had 27 years of coaching experience, 25 at the college level including 14 years as a head coach and 10 years as a Division I assistant including stops at Hofstra University, Marist College, Keene State College, and Florida International University. In 2 years as a high school coach, his teams produced 6 Division I players and was ranked #1 in Florida 28 out of a possible 34 weeks. In addition to coaching he has scouted for NBA teams, including the Knicks and the Hawks, and served as a general manager in the USBL.