Post Drills

Shooting from the high post opens up a world of possibilities.Here, we make a diagonal cut to the high post and:1. Inside pivot jump shot2. Attack the overplay with a backdoor cut and a front pivot jump shot3. Beat the help with a step through counter and attack the basket.
 A condensed version of a recent post workout. Most of the drills are there (missed the fast break trailer series), just cut out the breaks and the extra reps. It's amazing what a little footwork, confidence and imagination can accomplish.
 A common post activity is to screen away for the opposite post and peel back to the ball. If the cutter goes high, the peel back is low. If the cutter goes low, the peel back is high.Here we work on peel back options and footwork. It's also a sneaky way to work in some conditioning.
 Pushing the defenser to the basket line with a drop step and a power dribble, shooter pivots on his inside foot for his shot.
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