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Step Thru 1 Dribble Jump Shot (Video) Featured

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Step Thru 1 Dribble Jump Shot isolates the 1 dribble jump shot while ripping to the baseline using step thru footwork.

Set up a chair in the area where you want to do you practice from. In this case, it is on the left wing.. The chair faces the side line. I use chair to limit bad passes and maximize shot reps.

The shooter starts opposite the chair. A ball placer stands behind the chair.

 Step Thru 1 Dribble Jump Shot 1
 Shooter cuts to the chair, picks up the ball.  Step Thru 1 Dribble Jump Shot 2
 Shooter performs a step through pivot, takes 1 long, hard dribble and flows into his jump shot. Ball placer replaces the ball with a second ball.  Step Thru 1 Dribble Jump Shot 3
 Shooter rebounds his shot (makes his miss) and passes back to the ball placer.  Step Thru 1 Dribble Jump Shot 4
Shooter then cuts to the sideline across from the chair and sets for another repetition.  Step Thru 1 Dribble Jump Shot 5
Don Kelbick

Coach Don Kelbick has had 27 years of coaching experience, 25 at the college level including 14 years as a head coach and 10 years as a Division I assistant including stops at Hofstra University, Marist College, Keene State College, and Florida International University. In 2 years as a high school coach, his teams produced 6 Division I players and was ranked #1 in Florida 28 out of a possible 34 weeks. In addition to coaching he has scouted for NBA teams, including the Knicks and the Hawks, and served as a general manager in the USBL.

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