2 Ball Chair Jump Shot (Video)

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2 Ball Chair Jump Shot is a very challenging but extremely fun drill for ball handling, shooting, footwork, etc. In fact, it is so versatile you can adapt it for any purpose.


The drill sets up this way:

Player with 2 balls starts under the basket.

Set a chair in any area of the half court you like. In this video, it is set to the right of the top of the key.

Set another marker (chair, cone, garbage can, ect) at mid court.

In the video,we have a second marker at the top of the key. We placed it there because we were working on high ball screens at that particular time. It is not necessary to have it there, or you can place it somewhere else (down screen position, wing screen, etc) to affect the work you want to do that day. It is not necessary to have the second marker at all.

2 ball chair shots 1
The drill starts with the player 2-ball dribbling from under the basket to the marker at mid court.

Player dribbles around the marker and heads back to the basket. Player can make any type of dribble he likes. He can dribble the balls at the same time, alternate the dribble, make crossovers, hi-lo, or whatever challenges him.

2 ball chair shots 2
As he comes back toward the basket, he dribbles toward the chair, upon reaching the chair, keeping both balls alive, the players places the left ball on the chair. 2 ball chair shots 3
He then crosses over, right to left hand, and dribbles off the high ball screen for a shot. 2 ball chair shots 4
After the shot, he cuts toward the the chair, scoops the ball, as if he were making a flare cut, for a second shot. 2 ball chair shots 5

 Again, by using different chair positions, dribbles, markers and objectives, this drill can be used to simulate and situation or combination of situations.


Don Kelbick

Coach Don Kelbick has had 27 years of coaching experience, 25 at the college level including 14 years as a head coach and 10 years as a Division I assistant including stops at Hofstra University, Marist College, Keene State College, and Florida International University. In 2 years as a high school coach, his teams produced 6 Division I players and was ranked #1 in Florida 28 out of a possible 34 weeks. In addition to coaching he has scouted for NBA teams, including the Knicks and the Hawks, and served as a general manager in the USBL.