Offensive Drills

Half Court Attack is a simple but extrememly fast paced and competitive drill. It combines fast break, ball handling, defense, finishing and conditioning aspects, all in the same drill.
It is the off-season, time to get better. Work on your skills, shooting, ball handling, passing, defense and your conditioning. Of all the things you want to work on, conditioning is the toughest. It is hard for a basketball player to work on something without a basketball in his hands. Multi-tasking is the key to improvement in basketball. If you can improve your conditioning while working on your skills, the job becomes easier. Below are some things you can do to improve your ball handling and work on your conditioning at the same time.
It is unfortunate that the game players play the most is also the least relevant to the game of basketball; "1-on-1."Go past any schoolyard and you'll see two players playing 1-on-1. Take the ball out on the top of the key, take 10-12 dribbles to back the opponent down to the basket and then try to shoot over him. That is the way 99% of all one-on-one games go. It builds bad habits, limits understanding of the game and erodes needed skills.Below are some competitive 1-on-1 basketball drills that might do a better job of improving players' skills and help…
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