5 on 3 + 2 Transition Break (Video)

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5 on 3 + 2 is a great drill to teach your basketball team how to take advantage of fast break opportunities where they have a numbers advantage, and then seamlessly move into your transition offense if you have not gotten the shot that you want.


This article does not get into the types of breaks and transition offenses there are, nor does it suggest what you should run. However, this drill is a very effective tool in teaching whatever options you decide to use. The options illustrated in the above video reflect my philosophies. This is an excellent drill to teach yours.

The drill sets up with the offense on one end of the floor and the defense on the other. On the defensive side, we have 3 defenders on the court. They can be in any alignment you like. At time, I have started the all in the center circle. Here, they are already set on the defensive end.

2 defenders are at half court, out of bounds on opposite sides of the floor.

5 on 3  2 1 

 You can start the offense any way you like. You can pass the ball inbounds, use a tap drill, have them rebound off the glass. Here we start with an "Annie Over" drill.

On "Go," from the coach, players rebound, pitch out and run up the floor, performing whatever your break philosophy is.

They are now attacking in a 5 on 3, advatage break situation and are free to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself

5 on 3  2 2 

 Once the ball crosses mid court, the 2 defenders that are out of bounds sprint into the center circle and then run back to join the defense.









Your 5 on 3 advatage break has now turned into a 5 on 5 situation.

 5 on 3  2 3

5 on 3  2 4

Your offense continues its play, if they have not found an option in the advantage situation, with whatever offense you have designated as your transition offense.  5 on 3  2 5
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