5 Man Weave - 3 on 2/2 on 1

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Great for ball handling, decision making and conditioning, "5 Man Weave, 3 on 2, 2 on 1" is a great drill for all teams. Recognition of offensive options in various stages of the break will increase your effectiveness.

Set up with 5 lines on the baseline. There is 1 ball in the middle line 5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 11

Drills start with a 5-Man Weave.

In the 5-Man Weave, the ball is passed to the next inside player from the ball



The passers the follows his pass and cuts outside two players and become the outside player

5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 12

5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 13

All 5 players are involved in the 5-Man Weave as the come up the floor. The weave ends in a layup.
















After the layup, the passer and the shooter run back and become the break defenders

5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 14

5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 15

The other three players come down in their break lanes, thus creating a 3-on-2 fast break

5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 17

5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 18

After executing their break options and getting a shot, the shooter then goes back on defense

The other 2 players come up on offense, thus creating a 2-on-1 break.

5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 19

5 man weave - 3 on2 2 0n 110

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