Defensive Drills

These simple drills are very effective in teaching defensive help reactions and objectives.
This is a live drill for defensive positioning and help. It is possible to derive offensive benefit from it but defense is the primary thrust.
Cup Slides is a simple and fun drill that can be used for defensive technique, speed, intensity and conditioning. It can be fun and even competitive.
As coaches, we must find better way to utilize our practice time. Just about everything we do has to have multiple purposes so we have the maximum amount of time to teach and prepare our players to be the best they can be.Gone, I believe, are the days we can take 15 - 20 minutes out for practice to condition our players. Suicides, 17s, sprints, etc. are of limited effectiveness anyway, I think, but to use skill or team time to do them is a miss placed priority. Defensive Reaction is a drill that conditions, reinforces defensive footwork, builds intensity…