2 Ball Chair Jump Shot is a very challenging but extremely fun drill for ball handling, shooting, footwork, etc. In fact, it is so versatile you can adapt it for any purpose.

5 on 3 + 2 is a great drill to teach your basketball team how to take advantage of fast break opportunities where they have a numbers advantage, and then seamlessly move into your transition offense if you have not gotten the shot that you want.

These are simple ball handling/shooting drills that are designed to challenge your handle you give you the rhythm you need to become a quality shooter.

Attacking with the dribble is a combination shooting drill that combines ball handling and shooting. Any combination of dribbles can be used.

These simple drills are very effective in teaching defensive help reactions and objectives.

I have been coaching, effectively, for my entire life. Even as a child, I played while preparing myself to be a coach. While it is what I have the most passion for, I do do other things. However, no matter what I am doing, I see basketball in it. I often draw analogies from other things I do to basketball. I want to share my latest experience.

This is a live drill for defensive positioning and help. It is possible to derive offensive benefit from it but defense is the primary thrust.

Working fast break drills in the half court is a very effective and efficient way to work. By doing so, you can simulate fast break actions and still get high repetitions.

In Wing - Trailer Shots, we simulate the wing getting a return pass, after the ball has been advanced to the corner, for a trailer shot.

2 Change Jump Shooting is a great drill for both ball handling and shooting. When done with high intensity, it is also very challenging.

Cone Pickup Layup is a great drill for fun, footwork and ballhandling.