Ball screens have progressed from the days when I was a kid ("Set a screen for me so I can get my shot") to an intricate action that can show up at any time in any offense. They are used as offensive entry actions, space creators and most importantly to control matchups. They have been part of basketball since Dr. Naismith hung his peach baskets in the Springfield, Ma. YMCA and invented the game. Since Michael Jordan changed the game to a "matchup and isolate" game, ball screens have become a bigger and bigger part of the game. If you don't learn how to defend them, you are at a severe disadvantage.

This footwork series simulates a "dive down," one of the 4 ways for post players to establish postion in the post. A "dive down" is when the post player, either in transtioning from defense to offense or as a part of an offensive opportunity, finds himself on the perimeter needing to establish inside position.

Working on the fast break by using only the half court is a very efficient way to work. You can get a high number of intense repetitions and really get a good simulation for skill development. In Fast Break Low Post Option, we simulate a post player running the break, cutting to the low post, recieving the ball and executing an offensive move at the end of the break.

2 on 1 Fast Break Drill is an extremely efficient way to practice the skills and decision making necessary to effectively run a 2 on 1 break. Working it in the half court allows for more players to be involved and get more repetitions.

This drop step power dribble series uses the drop step and power dribble as its basic action. We the expand shot options by the drop step power dribble with other pieces of footwork to create an array of post shots.

 Cones Up and Down is a fun and challenging way to improve your ball handling.

 No matter what position you play, becoming a better ball handler will make you a better player. The only way to become a better ball handler is to challange yourself. "Multi Change Ball Handling" does just that.

In this action, we make and inside pivot and then counter with a sweep move into a hook shot from the "Pinch Post".

The hook shot could be the most devistating shot in basketball.  When properly executed, the hook shot can be unguardable.

Post players who can operate high in the lane, around the elbows, "Pinch Post," can really expand their game and increase their effectiveness even if they don't shoot the ball very well from there. With the proper application of footwork, post players can still get the shot they want.

This 2-2-1 zone press is an extension of the match-up zone. As we move up the floor with our defense, the basic match-up rules stay in force, they just move up the floor.