"Drive Middle, EuroTurn, Jumpshot." When driving the middle, your defender will eventually have to get to your inside hip. When he does, use a front pivot to create space for your jump shot.

"Drop Step, Dribble, Layup." When you get the ball on the wing, use your body as a spacer. As your defender comes over the top to contest the pass, keep him there with your hip and drop step to leave him behind as you go to the basket.

Challenging your ball handling makes all parts of your game better. Here we make a series of quick crossover dribbles into a jump shot. Try "Single Crossover Over The Top Jumpshot."

 2 on 0 is the first step in building a fast break

Acting with immediacy is essential for quality offense. In Catch, Rip, 1 Dribble Jump Shot, we make an immediate direction change upon the catch to create space for a jump shot.

Catch the ball on the run and, using your inside foot as your pivot foot, rip to the middle. One dribble gets you back to your shooting foot, clear your defender for the jump shot.

I can’t say all, but I will say most, players and coaches want to run some type of fast break game. It’s fun, exciting, and can be devastating to your opponent. But, like any other offense, you have to plan and practice it for it to be productive.

Have you ever noticed that in today’s world, you talk to someone and the intent of the person you are speaking to is not to understand, but to reply? Nowhere is that more true than in dialogue between player and coach. Players always feel like they are being attacked. Coaches always feel like they are being questioned.


As coaches, we try to prepare our players for every possible situation they might face in a game. When we teach skills, we try to present things that that will help our players to excel in every area. In our desire to create a formidable basketball entity (team or player), we don’t realize how complex we make the game for players.

Taken individually, what we teach is not complex. However, once we start adding plays, options, contingencies, reads, film sessions, adjustments, etc., we take a simple task and make it extremely complex. We needlessly add to their cognitive load. We fail to consider the "Consequence of Choice."

Combination drills are great for getting a lot of work done. Ball Screen/Flare Screen combo works 2 aspects of the game and provides an opportunity for high repetition shooting

Drop step 1 dribble counter is a very effective way to create space in the post.