In over 35 years of coaching and teaching basketball, I have developed a habit of taking everything I see and hear and relating it to basketball. Whether I am walking up a street, flying an airplane or playing golf, anything that I learn gets related to basketball.

This is a quick, very effective passing drill. By adding defensive rules, this can very easily become a defensive drill as well but, as presented, it is run to teach and practice passing under pressure and out of traps.

Pass and Replace combines almost all skills involved in offensive basketball with a fast break mentality and conditioning. A great multi-purpose drill.


You might not know it to look at me now, but I was a pretty good player. I was not very big, not very quick nor did I possess any other special physical tools. Still I was good enough to play in high school, with some distinction, and go on to play major college basketball.

Diagonal Dive is one of the 4 was to enter the post.

Here, we work on both the post entry and drop step footwork with multiple counters

Shots is a great warm up drill that encompasses footwork and shot technique

Driving the ball and keeping it low on changes makes you quicker and more effective with your dribble. Here is a progression to help drive the ball, change dribble and get your jump shot. Be sure to get back to your shooting foot.

Rip, Backup Dribble, Change creates an often seen scenario for creating space off your dribble.

This is a condensed version of perimeter workout progressions with the emphasis being on using an inside pivot

This is a condensed version of a perimeter player workout emphsizing shooting off the dribble.