One of the great advantages of a motion offense is its adaptability to be able to play against any type of defense. It is a great advantage not to require your team to learn multiple offenses to be able to play against multiple defenses. The time commitment to practice several different offenses in practice is enormous. Just think of the time you take where you can't practice skill, defense or whatever your weaknesses may be.

I have just returned from my 5th trip to Colombia in the last 4 years. This trip was to Manizales, where along with former National Team Coach, Guillermo Moreno, we conducted a 3 day clinic for 25 players and over 40 coaches.

I always enjoy my trips to Colombia and the trip to Manizales was no different. It is a large city, nestled in the mountains, about a 30-minute flight northwest of Bogota. It is in the heart of coffee country and is the legendary home of coffee producer, Juan Valdez.

Most coaches use dribbling and ballhandling interchangeably. Though they are linked, the 2 skills are definitely separate.

1 on 1 Defense

So much energy is expended in developing game plans, working on skills, scouting opponents and trying to find an edge to be a better team and win more games. All of that hard work will go down the drain if you cannot defend on the ball 1-on1.

The nature of American basketball these days is to create match-ups, isolate the match-up and then attack the defensive player. If you cannot play 1 on 1 defense, or defense on the ball, all your work and preparation will amount to nothing.

If is often said that games are won and lost on the foul line. How many more games do you think you can win if you can force your opponent to worry more about defense then they are about making the foul shot. Here is an attack off the foul shot that just might make them do just that.

I had the pleasure this week of spending time with the Arecibo Capitanes of the Baloncestro Superior National League (BSN) in Puerto Rico.

Here are five combination drills that can be used by point guards to improve their ball handling and shooting. Use your imagination to determine where they fit in to your game.

Coaches spend hours and hours orchestrating offenses while saying that defense is mostly hard work. "Offense take s talent," goes the coaching saying, "defense takes desire." It is true; more can be accomplished with hard work over skill, on defense. But that is not to say that that coaches shouldn't teach defense as well as the teach offense. Most coaches teach defending the ball, denying the wing, playing the post, etc. I have not seen enough coaches teach defensive philosophy, tactics and situations as they do on offense.



Rasual11SMLIn basketball, you could be the best shooter in the world. You could have range beyond the moon. You can be faster than a speeding bullet. If you can't get your shot, it doesn't matter. If you can't get the ball in a place you can score from, you become a non-shooter. How do you get the shot you want?

Turnovers are the bane of every team that strives for excellence. In trying to cut down on turnovers there are some simple things that you can affect by coaching to cut down on turnovers and improve your chances to win.

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